Tax Services

Tax Planning:

Creating proactive tax strategies is a different type of service than preparing your tax return. I dig deeper to see if you are not only complying with the tax law, but making the most of it. These strategies are IRS approved and court tested. This is not about breaking the law or doing anything that is not completely legitimate. The fact is most tax preparers just don't have time to strategize with every client. Clients who implement these tax strategies often rescue thousands in wasted tax dollars, year after year. Small business owners have many options for taking advantage of the tax law. Why not start with a free tax diagnosis and see what can be done to rescue money you may be wasting on taxes?

Tax Preparation:

I prepare tax returns for individuals and small businesses. Returns are priced based on the complexity of the return and the schedules filed.

Financial Planning:

I help clients prepare for retirement and other financial goals. A plan will help you get where you want to be financially.

Social Security Planning:

I help baby boomers who are closing in on retirement decide when to apply for Social Security. Applying as soon as you are eligible at 62 can be a costly mistake. Married couples who coordinate their Social Security benefits can maximize their lifetime income. Women who are divorced have options they may not be aware of too.When you understand the rules you can make the best decisions. I can lead you through the decision points, run the numbers, and see how your options play out.